Amenity Access Information


These are done by the CDD by APPOINTMENT ONLY.

  • Please visit the CDD website: => Amenity Access Information (on right side panel) =>Helpful Links => Amenity Center Forms => Amenity Preregistration Form.

  • Fill in form online – Photo ID and Proof of Residency in River Bend is required.

  • Once submitted, wait for a CDD staff to contact you via email (The response will come from the following email address: cddregistrar@riverbendcdd.comwith additional information and who to contact to set up the appointment.

  • Please check for the above email address in your inbox and/or spam folders as some servers will categorize it differently. 

  • Please plan accordingly.  Preferably have all household members needing an ID card come together to have their cards issued at the same time.  Otherwise, make appointments for the others to come at a separate time.  

  • On the day of your appointment, please come to the CDD office to have your photo taken. 

  • Only ONE application needs to be completed per Household. 

  • All household residents 16 years or older, must have their own ID access card. 

  • ID cards are not to be shared, and are not transferrable. These may only be used by the person named and photographed on the card. 

  • If Replacement cards are needed, you must also follow this process.

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